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Friday, April 17, 2020

Four More Shots Please S2 Review: A Perfect Story

The four women, who met at the Truck Bar and bonded over tequila shots, might not have learned much from their mistake, but their bonds are stronger.

Directed by Nupur Asthana and created by Rangita Pritish Nandy, Four More Shots Please Season 2 again deals with the same-old drama that these four girls dealt with in the first season, rightly called ‘Deja-chu’ by Anjana. A mess-up you’ve done before.

The series starts with a drunk Siddhi walking on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul. She drunk-dials Umang, which results in a reunion of the four in a foreign land. The three land up in Istanbul only to find Siddhi in bed with a Turkish guy, who they (including Siddhi) later discover is a hooker.

Siddhi’s character seems to have undergone a transformation, but gradually, the viewers get to understand that she is the same girl, who can’t deal with adulting. We understand that the series celebrates the unapologetically flawed women, but one should, at some point, learn from their mistakes and not repeat them over and over again.

The other three girls are more or less in situations similar to what we saw in the first season. Damini is still hanging between Jeh (Prateik Babbar) and Warsi (Milind Soman), while Umang and Anjana are still dealing with their respective relationship woes. The series touches upon various topics - from open marriage, infidelity, misogyny, body positivity to anti-nationalism - but doesn't delve much deeper.

Four More Shots Please is a women-centric show that features urbane women. Small-town girls have other concerns, which might not be an issue at all for these city girls. The show caters to the metropolitan crowd and certainly appeals to those dreaming of the big-city life. However, it’s still far from reality for girls who can’t even make their own decisions.

Four More Shots Please S2 is a good watch, and even helps satiate your wanderlust by giving you a glimpse of the three cities. We would have loved more, but we'll take what we get. The episodes are around 35-42 minutes long and one can easily complete it over the weekend. And since the first season hooked you, you shouldn't miss the second one.

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