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Friday, March 13, 2020



Top 10 features of iOS 13

This year Apple is releasing the latest update of iOS which is iOS 13. iPhones are considered to be one of the most premium and flagship device manufactured by Apple Inc.
Apple has made a separate operating system for its devices and iOS is one of the operating systems Apple has made to power many apple devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad and it was released on 29th of June 2007 that means 12 years back. iOS are available in 40 languages, and that’s what makes it flexible and user-friendly.
Every single year iOS has something new to offer to its end users, sometimes the update is quite significant, and sometimes they just make few changes to the previous update. This year iOS 13 has quite a few new and exciting features to offer which can blow up your mind and get you some mind-blowing new user experiences.
Let’s talk in this Blogthetalk about some mind-blowing new features iOS 13 has to offer:

Privacy and Security in iOS 13


  • App location transparency

Now you will get a notification when an app is using your location in the background so that you can decide whether to change your permission setting.
  • App location permission

Now you can control the location data passing to your apps.
  • Shared photos will have a location control from now.

Now your location can be shared by you while posting any content on social media platforms.
  • Bluetooth and wifi Privacy improvement.

While you are using Bluetooth and Wifi, new controls help us in preventing apps from accessing our location. Anti-fingerprint protection in safari has been improved. New controls will help prevent apps from accessing your location while you are using Bluetooth and wifi. Now the protections related to the font of the browser have been expanded.

Improved Camera in iOS 13


  • Adjust the portrait lighting intensity

Now you can adjust the portrait lighting by adjusting the brightness and position of the portrait lighting to get the best results.
  • Portrait segmentation API update

Now the portrait segmentation API (which is an additional feature for developers to create new effects to the pictures) supports hair, teeth, and skin segmentation.
  • High-Key Mono

High-Key Mono and the new Portrait lighting effect creates a beautiful and classic look with a monochromatic subject in the background.


  • Smart photos previews

In the new iOS update, the images use the intelligence to find out the best part of your photos, which is the uncropped version of the pictures that you have clicked.
  • Auto-playing live videos and photos

In the new update, you will see the live pictures and videos playing automatically as you scroll through the screen and making your experience more lively and beautiful.
  • All new photos tab

In the latest iOS update, you will see even more specific tabs for specific kind of pictures group which will make your experience even better, and you can conveniently go through your pictures.
  • Similar shots and clutters are removed

To give a better experience screenshot, duplicate photos, whiteboard photos, documents, and receipts are hidden.
  • Birthday mode

This is one of the coolest features, in this feature if you have birthday assigned to people in your photo library then the photo will be highlighted on that specific occasion(birthday).
  • Significant events

Now in the new update, the photos are presented according to the events that matter to you.
  • Event titles

To provide more details to your library, photo tab displays the name of the event, location, and time.
  • Screen recording smart album

Now there is a separate album for all your screen recordings.
  • Music for memories
Now the new algorithm chooses the music from your music app for your memory movie based on the music you listen on your music app.

Dark Mode in iOS 13


  • Turn on manually

You can turn on the dark mode manually with the help of a new button in the control center and make the entire screen black and beautiful.
  • New classic look

The new dark mode makes your screen black, and beautiful, which is suitable for low light scenario.
  • Wallpapers

As you switch from light mode to dark mode, the new wallpapers in iOS 13 are optimized for dark mode automatically changes.
  • Compatible with your favorite apps

The dark mode is compatible with your favorite apps as well because the API lets the third-party developers implement the dark mode in their apps.

Improved Siri in iOS 13


  • Indian English voice

In this new update, Siri got a new unique Indian English voice.
  • SiriKit for Audio

With third-party apps, Siri can play music, radio, podcast, and audiobook as well.
  • Siri intelligence

Now in the new update, Siri got more flexible and user-friendly, now Siri offers personalized suggestions in Maps, Apple podcast, and safari.
  • Radio

Now you can ask Siri to play your favorite radio station.



  • Shared listening

Now in this new update, you can pair two sets of AirPods to the same iPhone and enjoy the same media content as your friend.
  • Notification

When you can’t reach for your phone, Siri can read the incoming notification to your second-generation AirPods.



  • Faster Face ID unlock

Now in the new iOS update, the Face ID unlocks even faster.
  • Faster app launch

The app launch is now 2x faster in iOS 13, which will make your experience even smoother than before.
  • Smaller app downloads
Now in iOS 13, the apps from the app store are going to be 50 percent smaller than before, that means you are going to get some extra room in your iPhone, which you can use according to your convenience.
  • Smaller app updates

the app updates are going to be up to 62 percent smaller in iOS 13, again that’s a piece of good news for the users of the previous generation iPhones and Apple devices.



  • Low data mode

App on your iPhone is going to take less data while using the network.

Augmented Reality (AR)apple-augmented-reality

  • Motion Capture Support

Now in iOS 13, the developers can integrate people’s movements into their app, which makes it much more fun to use.
  • People Occlusion

Now with the new iOS update, the AR (Augmented Reality) content appears naturally in front of and behind people making the experience more lively and full of fun.

Optimized Battery in iOS 13


  • Optimized battery charging
The new update helps slow the rate of battery aging with the help of on-device machine learning.

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