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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Latest Top 10 Dating Apps in India – Tinder, Happn, Bumble....

Dating isn’t a new concept, globally! But for Indians, it’s something that we are still exploring. I happen to know a lot of friends who are couples that have met through social media and unlike what the society aunties have us believe, some are still strong. For people with common sense, they know that the medium doesn’t define the path of a relationship but the efforts people put. So, I decided I’d put some efforts into making a list of the best dating apps in India.

Obviously, you’ll be entirely responsible for putting your pictures and information on the following apps (made abundantly clear by the developers) so do everything at your own risk. If I have scared you, my bad! I don’t mean to but a little caution never hurts, right? Dating is fun as you not meet people whom you might end-up dating, there are chances that you could also meet folks who might be your buddies somewhere down the line. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s see which app does the trick for you!

1. Tinder

The very first app on our list of best dating apps in India is Tinder. Developed by Tinder, it is synonymous with dating. It’s a well-known dating app which is preferred not only by Indian users but also globally. The app was launched in the nation back in 2016 but quickly topped the charts of youths who were looking to meet new people. Tinder’s algorithm is its true star as it allows the users to connect with a person in less than a minute.
Unique features like mutual friends, the super-like option, etc. are proof that Tinder doubles as a social app. The user gets ultimate control over their privacy and profile content visibility. Tinder has revolutionized dating via the app so much so that every developer out there “got influenced” by its Left-to-Right swipe gesture. So, download this app from the link below and explore the oblivious world.

Main Features:

  • Free usage with ads.
  • Quick gestures.
  • Mutual interest algorithm.
  • Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

Download Tinder

2. Happn – Local Dating app

Anything can happen over a coffee! Developer Happn was a bit creative yet not so artistic in naming the app and that’s fine! With over 75 million users, the app if fancy in terms of its user interface and an unusual feature that shows a pop-up of another happn user if you two cross the path in the real world! The app lets you explore your secret crushes by liking their profile in incognito mode and if they like you too, bam! You have a date.
The app boasts a lot about its privacy features, one of them being a claim that you’ll never get a message from someone you’re not interested in. Happn embraces the second spot on our list of best dating apps in India because of this privacy feature. So, download the app from the link below and find your soulmate!

Main Features:

  • Based on mutual interest.
  • Simplified notifications.
  • Privacy features.
  • Free as well as a premium version.

Download Happn – Local Dating app

3. Azar

Azar is the next app on our list of best dating apps in India. It has featured in over 130 countries, thanks to its translations feature. More on that later. Users have found about 50 billion matches in this app so that’s saying something. Not just that, the app is used by people in hope of love and friendship in over 190 countries. Azar mimics Tinder’s much-loved swipe functionality and the users like it so far.
For those quirky people who like to express their emotions in more than one way, you’ve got facial recognition stickers and costume effects at your disposal. The app is also easy to navigate around. There’s a video calling option built into the app so transparency is maintained. As I said, I loved the translation feature wherein your chats are translated in real-time. This makes it easy for people who come from different countries but find their heart beating for one another nonetheless! So, download this app to meet like-minded people.

Main Features:

  • Live video calls.
  • Build new conversations.
  • Send and receive messages/video calls.
  • Translations in real-time.

Download Azar

4. TrulyMadly – Dating For Singles In India

The fourth app on our list of best dating apps in India is TrulyMadly by developers TrulyMadly Matchmakers Pte. Ltd. I think the name of the app is self-explanatory but I would like to tell you more about it. This app is considered to be India’s answer to western dating apps. TrulyMadly created waves with its advertising campaign and was soon known as the best tinder alternative for Indians. The app delves deep into your personality which in turn helps the algorithm to find a suitable partner for you, based on your interests and other preferences.
TrulyMadly app also features some unique games, such as Styletastic, Foodie Funda, Hocus Pocus, etc. which lets the users exchange more information about each other, as compared to a normal chat. Another notable feature is the endorse your friend, where you can ask your friend to endorse you for a better trust score, which will ultimately lead to a greater number of conversations with your matches. So, download this app and let your dating life be truly and madly in love with the person you meet.

Main Features:

  • Trust Score feature to counter fake profiles.
  • Incognito profile.
  • TrulyMadly Select premium.
  • Sparks for a personalized message.

Download TrulyMadly – Dating For Singles In India

5. Badoo

Best Dating Apps in India
Weird name aside, the 5th app on our list of best dating apps in India is quite unique. Badoo is operational in over 190 countries while straddling in 47 different languages. Launched around 2006, the app is a veteran in the dating realm. Since then, the app has undergone a lot of UI changes that make it one of the best looking and intuitive app on the Google Play Store. Badoo’s filters are well-known, as people use it extensively.
The app has some notable features which add to its fan base. These include a live talk session where users broadcast live and indulge in some Q&A, a handy video call option to assure that the other person is what they are portraying themselves, and most importantly, a three-step verification process which adds to the user’s privacy. So, download Badoo and make live your own love story.

Main Features:

  • Extensive filters.
  • Live: Talk and chat.
  • Verified profiles.
  • Badoo Premium.

Download Badoo

6. Tantan – Date For Real

Best Dating Apps in India
I know, I know! The weird name again but one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Tantan is a wonderful app that boats ample features along with some eye-pleasing UI navigation. The app has a userbase of over 100 million interesting men and women who want to make new friends, meet people to date, etc. The app never approves any message if he/she has been not matched with you. So a big thumbs up in the privacy department. You can upload your contact list in order to avoid running into your friends and/or relatives on the app. Neat, isn’t it? Download Tantan – Date For Real from the link given below.

Main Features:

  • Privacy powered.
  • An exciting collection of people.
  • No messages from random people.
  • Ten playful questions for breaking the ice.

Download Tantan – Date For Real

7. OkCupid

Best Dating Apps in India’s dating app is exactly what it means! You will find the one in no time! A world-famous app, OkCupid strikes a balance between being a wonderful app and a simple app. The app makes online dating personalized and fun. The app’s algorithm highlights your personality and interests so that people with the same interests are matched with you. The app boasts off about its one-of-a-kind messaging system that helps to form deep conversations with people you’re interested in. OkCupid assures that people of all sexuality can find what they are looking for. So, download this app from the link below and let Cupid hit you with his arrow!

Main Features:

  • Highlight what matters to you.
  • Swipe to find matches.
  • Explore in-depth profiles.
  • Set dating preferences.

Download OkCupid

8. Woo – The Dating App Women Love

Developed by DoubleYou Pte Ltd., Woo is an amazing app that lets you navigate around the dating world easily. The highlight of the app is that women get to make the first move. Some features, like women placing a voice call directly from the app while their number remains hidden and private, is what every app must introduce. The app filters private chats that identify the creeps & fake people.
Woo’s community of ‘Verified Profiles’ make sure that you match with the right people. The app also hides women’s confidential details so that no pervert gets a chance to invade their privacy. Woo Same is a tag-based feature that matches people with similar interests. So, download this app from the Google Play Store or the link given below and woo the people you like!

Main Features:

  • Find single people who share common interests.
  • Add interesting answers to some fun questions.
  • Details are kept confidential.
  • Voice call directly from the app.

Download Woo – The Dating App Women Love

9. QuackQuack Dating App

Best Dating Apps in India
The ninth app on our list of best dating apps in India is QuackQuack Dating App. If you focus on anything but the name, you’ll actually love this app. The app has a userbase of over 2 million registered people so you might find the person you might share a great wavelength with. The app interaction is also easy, wherein a user should first create his profile, add photos, and go browsing thousands of matches in your city. There are people who belong to your age so if you like someone, simply display interest by a click of a button.
The developers claim that all the profiles are verified so you will match with a genuine person. Quack Quack is a free dating app but for those who can go lengths to find the one, the app also offers a paid subscription to users starting for ₹1000 per month. Not bad! So, download this app from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Browsing thousands of matches.
  • Profiles are screened and verified by moderators.
  • Verification mandatory.
  • Strong backend moderation.

Download QuackQuack Dating App

10. Bumble – Meet, Date & Network

Bumble made news in India when our global achiever Priyanka Chopra Jonas collaborated with this firm. But that’s not why we included it on our list of best dating apps in India! Bumble, too, follows the same path as Tinder but improves on it. In order for two people to be connected through the app, both of them need to swipe right. But for that to happen, only the women have the upper hand in breaking the ice.
Bumble also lets the LGBT community explore their chances at love. The most prominent feature of this app is its live selfie – users must click a selfie in the app itself which will then be approved. This reduces the chances of a fake profile by a huge margin. So, download Bumble and let the cupid do its magic.

Main Features:

  • Bumble BFF.
  • Dates, Friends, and Network.
  • A single social networking platform.
  • Profile verification with a live selfie.

Download Bumble – Meet, Date & Network

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