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Saturday, March 14, 2020

How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome

Many Chrome users have complained over time that an extension went rogue or some of that sort. It changed a tad bit with the inclusion of some protective measures that scan for harmful software and isolated site processes. It is now one of the most secure browsers out there but one problem still looms – the messy process of downloading files.
Downloads have become an integral part of any application. You see an image, video, or any file, you download it for later viewing. But Google Chrome’s understanding of downloading is still kind of vague. It’s still a toddler when it comes to downloading files, where it can’t really differentiate between a good file and a harmful one.
What Chrome does is that it blocks files that it is unsafe from downloading onto your computer but also means that you won’t be able to download files from certain sites that you know are trustworthy but Chrome has some other opinions. 

How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome

Phishing is common and many people endure that while surfing the internet on their browser. But Google Chrome has a built-in feature known as Safe Browsing. In order to unblock downloads that Chrome would consider unsafe, turn this feature off but I must say this – AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

1. Potentially Unsafe Downloads

Step 1: Launch Chrome click on the three-dot icon and open Settings.
How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome
Step 2: Look for Sync and Google Services and click on it.
How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome
Step 3: Underneath the Other Google Services under Sync and Google Services, you can see Safe Browsing, just below Show Suggestions.
How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome

Unblock Automatic Downloads

Some sites perform multiple downloads at once, like the ones that convert files from one format to another, you can face issues, all thanks to the built-in content restriction. But this is a measure taken to restrict unsafe website from downloading malware automatically adjacent to other safe files. You can easily remove this restriction. But to keep your data safe, Google Chrome will ask your permission when you begin downloading files unless you choose to whitelist sites actively.
Step 1: Launch Chrome and go to Settings. Now go to Advanced and click on Site Settings. Scroll till you see Automatic Downloads.
How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome
Step 2: You’ll see a new window. Make sure the toggle next to Ask when a site tries to download files automatically after the first file is ON.
How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome
Step 3: Now that you have opted for this option, Chrome should now let websites perform automatic downloads. But Chrome will still ask you for permission whenever a website will initiate a download. If that’s cumbersome for you, tap on Add button next to Allow, and then add the URL of the site that you wish to whitelist. Keep in mind that you have turned off Safe Browsing so permit only those websites for downloads whom you completely trust.

Other Safety Options

You can use security extensions if you are so hell-bent on lifting the restriction on unsafe downloads. Don’t browse any random extension which will put you at risk. I have listed two of the safest and most preferred anti-virus Chrome extensions.

1. McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing

How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome
McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing extension will inform you whether if a website is secure or not. You just need to click once on the McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing icon which will give you a variety of options such as information and security metrics about malware, encryption, phishing intension, popularity, etc. There’s also the big green banner that will signify the website’s security.

2. Malwarebytes

How to Unblock Downloads in Chrome

Malwarebytes offers a free extension and it is efficient at recognizing malicious code in downloaded files. To use this extension to its fullest, simply right-click on the downloaded file and select Scan with Malwarebytes. It will tell you if the file is safe or unsafe. You can also do this on files that could be blocked, courtesy of Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature.

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