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Monday, June 11, 2018

Top 15 Facebook Private Video Downloader 2018 | Download Facebook Videos Easily

Top 20 Facebook Video Downloader 2018 | Download Facebook Videos Easily
Facebook is the most used social media platform across the world, as it provides tons of awesome services through which you can easily connect with your family, friends, and colleagues all over the world. Facebook allows you to chat, make video calls and voice calls along with many other features in a row.

Basically, Facebook Video Downloader is a program which can be used to download Facebook video from a computer or by using mobile devices. You can see many software in the market which really helps users to download Facebook videos. Facebook Video Downloader can be an online video downloader or you can also use many extension on browsers like Chrome and Firefox to download Facebook videos.

Here in this post, you will have 20 Facebook Video Downloader which is capable enough to download Facebook videos directly to your PC, Android device or on your iPhone.

Just choose one and download the Facebook video for free!

List of Best Facebook Video Downloader for Android

1. KeepVid Android

KeepVid Android is an easy to use Facebook Video Downloader app for Android as it lets you download a Facebook video to your phone easily. Using this app you can download a video in two ways- one is by copying and pasting Facebook video URL and the other one is by tapping on the Facebook icon in the homepage and you can visit Facebook to download videos. Just by using this app you can easily download videos from many popular video sharing sites.

KeepVid - Facebook Video Downloader


  • It downloads Facebook Video at very high speed.
  • It basically fully supports to download video up to 4K.
  • It also allows users to download multiple videos at a time.

2. Video Downloader 

No doubt, this app has proven itself to be the market leader because it comes with many additional features. This application would not only make your process of downloading videos easily but it also helps its user to do the task without any additional efforts. That is why this app is one of the best Facebook Downloader on the market.

Video Downloader - Facebook Video Downloader


It really downloads Facebook videos at very high speed, which is really appreciated by its users,
with this app most advanced terminologies has embedded, as it comes with many additional features.

3. Vidmate

Vidmate is fast and this application has taken the market with its best services. Here this app downloads Facebook videos at a very high speed and it continuously presents updates to users. Really you will love this application as it comes with many other additional awesome features. This app is being reviewed by Google Play Store and it is praised by many users as provides lightning fast speed.

vidmate- Facebook Video Downlaoder


Provides update time to time, which really helps many users get updated with its latest features.
It provides lightning fast speed when you will be downloading the videos along with making the downloading process easy along with one click support.

4. All Video Downloader

Here as the name suggests you can easily download video apart from Facebook, you can use this app to download videos to your phone from many renowned sites. This facility of downloading videos from other app makes it one of the best and most advanced apps on the market. You should have this app if you really prefer fast downloading speed.

All Video Downloader- Facebook Video Dwonaloder


It has easy to use interface and it has no complex terminologies embedded.
It comes with an interface that supports multiple downloads, as you can save your time by downloading many videos at a time.

5. Tube Video Downloader

This application is for Android, don’t get confused here with the Tube Downloader for iOS. As it comes with many more awesome features that really makes it the first choice for any user who is willing to download Facebook videos.

Tube Video Downloader Pro - Facebook Video Downaloader


It comes with an easy interface and you can easily maintain this app as it provides frequent updates for the users.
It supports wireless transfers, which is the biggest advantage of this application as it will save your time.

List of Best Facebook Video Downloader for iPhone

1. Tube Downloader

Tube Downloader provides great site support along with one-click downloads, you will be always satisfied with its services. It is easy to use as well as you easily download videos from a variety of websites which really show its popularity.

Tube Downloader Pro- Facebook Video Downloader


It features one-click downloads which will save your time and effort.
Downloading videos is super easy that will provide a user-friendly interface.

2. Video Tube

You will be amazed by the design and speed of this app. As it has received many rave reviews from users who have downloaded it. This app is really helping users to download their videos directly from the Facebook application.

Video Tube™ - Facebook Video Downaloder


It comes with best and most recent updates which are being regularly released by the developers,
You can easily download this app, and it really provides a user-friendly interface that developed by GUI terminology

3. Nanostudio

Here as the name suggests, this application is very light in its occupation of space that is why it uses less memory on your system. You can easily download from App store and you can easily specify the URL of the download. And here after all the process is automated and happens very quickly,

NanoStudio- Facebook Video Downlaoder


It also supports the wireless transfer of content from one device to another.
If user has activated the proxy, then they can detect and alters its functionalities,

4. Aurora Sound Studio

You can use this app on iPhone or any other iDevice and trust me this application is very useful for downloading videos from Facebook. Many users download it due to its sleek design and the impressive downloading speed of this application.

Aurora Sound Studio HD - Facebook Video Downloader


It comes with easy to modify settings of the application and it has really good user interface along with simple path.
You can easily install this application as the marketing of this application has been done in a magnificent way.

5. AV Player

This application is often regarded as the free app. It comes with many advanced features that will let you download videos directly from Facebook application. It also facilitates faster download of videos. Here you can download many videos from other sites too.

AVPlayer - Facebook Video Downlaoder


It comes with a faster download that will really save your time and effort,
Here in the app, the video will be detected automatically, and you don’t have to specify any links here.

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